Volunteer to Help Elect José Rico

Join José’s campaign to help us make a bold statement on the southwest side and demand that our community residents have a voice.

Volunteer To Help Elect José Rico

It’s Time for a Change

I’ve spent my life as an activist, educator, policy maker and father. And, now, I’m running for Alderman in Chicago’s 12th Ward.

Our city should be built neighborhoods that take care of our loved ones. Our students deserve schools that provide them with a quality education and resources to live with dignity. Our families need to have a safe place to call home.

It’s time for new leadership and an Alderman the 12th Ward can trust.

Due to decades of divestment, our families have struggled to live, work, and simply enjoy our neighborhoods.

I came to Chicago from Mexico as a young child with my brother. Our parents had to make the journey years before us so they could provide us with a better life. From the time we arrived in Chicago, people like my eighth grade teacher, track coach, and my neighbors helped make Little Village home. They shaped my values and taught me the importance of making a lifelong commitment to serve others right here at home.

And that’s exactly what I’ve done.

Yet over the years I’ve witnessed how our neighborhoods are being fleeced by decisions that place profits over people. That do not prioritize our needs, humanity and rights as residents in our City. That our neighborhoods can’t bear machine politics much longer.

I am running for Alderman to change the status quo. I’m running to bring our neighbors together to elect new leadership that will invest in our communities. I’m running to protect our neighborhoods in the 12th Ward, so kids for generations to come can have a place to proudly call home.

Why Vote for José Rico?

Our Communities Deserve Better

For decades José Rico has worked with schools, community-based organizations, and civic groups in defending our families and providing services to improve their lives.

As a student leader, he led sit ins the University of Illinois to protest racist policies and established the first Latina/o Studies program in Illinois. He became a teacher at Latino Youth High School to demonstrate that of our students are loved and have value. He taught young people labeled dropouts, gang bangers, and unteachable. His students transformed him.

When José became a father, his life was changed. His son Tizoc was born with Cerebral Palsy and required a wheelchair accessible school. Tizoc’s mom was a leader in the Hunger Strike for a new school and José supported by helping to center the process using community ownership principles. He was then selected to be one of the founding Principals of the school and was eventually called to work at the national level when appointed by President Obama to increase the graduation rate of Latino students nationwide.

José Rico is a teacher, organizer, and policy maker who has delivered results to thousands of families in Little Village, Brighton Park, McKinley Park, and beyond and deeply understands that trustworthy and experienced leadership is needed in our community.

José Rico’s Vision

Strong Families
José is motivated to be in public life to pay back the many sacrifices others have made for him, including family, mentors and activists, and he is grounded in the values of service, dignity for all and social justice.
Strong Neighborhoods
José has has spent his life as an educator, activist and community leader.. We need economically strong, vibrant neighborhoods and we deserve equitable services and investments for our tax dollars.
Strong Schools
José believes schools are centers of community. In order for schools to be successful, the neighborhood must have the resources they need  to thrive. Every student deserves an education that not only teaches them facts, but also inspires them to reach beyond their dreams.
Strong Leadership
José will bring together civic groups that share principles of unity to fight for the rights of the most marginalized. Corrupt politics hurt our community and discourage civic participation.


Early Voting, take action now

For the Feb. 26 Municipal Election, Chicago voters will be able to use any Early Voting & Registration location in the city from Feb. 11 through Feb. 25.For more information, see the below flyer. Download the full...

Voters have an opportunity for a change

"The people of the 12th Ward already know the current alderman isunavailable and doesn't serve the interests of McKinley Park, Brighton Parkand Little Village, but misrepresenting his support from the CTU, provesthat he's been serving his own interests.George Cardenas...

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